Huey is a small family business run by two sisters - Huey Huey and Huey Qin.

Our mission is to create next level drinks that unlock happiness and help people lead healthier lives.

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The Story of Huey

"The Dream of Two Sisters"


Huey Huey, Founder

Huey Huey, the founder has always wanted to run her own business ever since she was 10 years old. Being an athlete she also understood how important physical health was and after trying cold-pressed sugarcane juice, she fell in love with the taste and it's health benefits!


So after a lot of research, planning and late nights, Huey Huey decided to risk her savings and kick off her own sugarcane juice business from the tender age of 21.

Humble Beginnings

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So that is how Huey was born. We started by selling sugarcane juice at weekend markets and festivals. Waking up at three in the morning and finishing at midnight was normal. We had countless battles with harsh Australian weather; pouring rain and strong gusts of wind. Some people would even bully and look down on us as the underdogs because of our age and the fact that sugarcane was such a new product in the market. It was at times like these that self-doubt would creep in. Was our business worth all the blood, sweat and tears that we put in? It was dark times like these that our purpose shined the brightest. Our purpose is to spark joy in people’s hearts. Seeing excitement in people's eyes gives meaning to what we do. Most of the drinks we make not only have the health benefits of sugarcane but it also holds our hopes of a better future.

Chasing Our Dream

When the opportunity popped up at 8 Street, Westfield Garden City for a permanent store, we decided to soldier ahead not really knowing what to expect. Opening and running our first shop came with its own challenges, more regulations and ever-increasing competition. We know that with this store, we have a great opportunity to do what we love and share the love with others. We want to sincerely thank all our dear customers, friends and family who have supported us through thick and thin. We would not be where we are today without you!

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Huey Qin, Big Sister & Supporter

Huey Qin, her big sister was always there to help and support her despite having to work full-time. Being the eldest, Huey Qin always felt like she had to do her best to make her parents proud. "Our parents sacrificed their lives in Malaysia so we could have a better life in Australia". She studied really hard, graduated with a double degree and landed a job in a top tier global firm.


However something was missing, she was not happy with her life so she decided to leave her job, do some soul-searching and ultimately do what fulfils her - sharing health & happiness*.